Administrator in Training (AIT)100 Hour Course

This course satisfies the 100 hour core knowledge course required to complete the Administrator in Training (AIT) program in Maryland. 

The course is based on the book The Principles of Health Care Administration by Joseph Townsend. The book covers the different aspects of long-term facility and nursing home care administration.
 The textbook has been, and still serves as a reference for administrators and covers domains such as the physical environment of the building, leadership skills, accounting and finance aspects of the business, Human Resources, resident care, and many others.

The book can be purchased online (Amazon) or by mail order.
The fee for the course is $2000, payable via major credit card, personal check, money order or PayPal.

if you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Topic of Study:
Principles of nursing home administration, theory and real examples.

To learn and understand the intricacies of nursing home administration, and prepare the AIT with knowledge in topics needed in order to efficiently and adequately run a nursing home.

Additional Information:
Participants are encouraged to contact the instructor in order to arrange in-person visit, shadow days and or meet in order to gain real life experience, be exposed to real life examples, and meet with experts in different topics presented in the text.

Time Allotment:
The participant will have a maximum period of 12 months to complete the course.

Participants will be able to sign up for the course online. The participant can sign up for the course and complete it at his/her own pace. However, if not completed within 12 months from enrollment, the participant will forfeit the course and will have to re-enroll.

Learning Context:
The course will be presented via the textbook “The Principles of Health Care Administration” by Joseph Townsend. Additionally, students will be given the opportunity to meet with the instructor, arrange for shadow days, and meet experts in different fields and topics of study in order to gain first hand experience.

The theoretical aspect of the course will be taught online and via the textbook.

Check for Understanding:
Students will be given periodic assignments, will be quizzed and tested on the different topics presented to them in order to ascertain their mastery and understanding of the topics discussed. Students will also be approached regularly and via email in order to assess their need for further explanation and/or help.

Independent Practice:
It is preferred that the AITs who enroll in the course are active in an AIT program and guided by a qualified preceptor. However, if you are not an active AIT, but your goal is to become one, you are encouraged to start the course in order to better familiarize yourself with the industry.

Materials & Resources:
Besides the textbook approved by the Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators, students will be presented with samples, knowledge and discussion topics via the website and email. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to reach out to the instructor and are encouraged to visit, shadow and meet with experts in each of the topics discussed in the course.

Instructional Materials:
The Principles of Health Care Administration, Joseph Townsend.

Students will be presented with regular tests and quizzes which will assess their understanding and knowledge of the topics presented to them throughout the 100 hour course.