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Scope and Severity Grid

In order to understand deficiencies, one must understand the scope and severity grid.This grid is what describes the scope and severity of each deficiency received by a building during survey. Nursing-Home-Scope-and-Severity-Grid

An administrator’s cheat sheet

While searching for resources online, I came across a phenomenal document. The do’s and dont’s of a successful nursing home administrator. It is hard to take on one’s first building. A lot of the tricks, technoques and successful practices have not been explored yet, but you;re still responsible for the building, the staff and the […]


The residents we are entrusted to care for are normally very frail, and suffer from many comorbidities. Unfortunately, these make them susceptible to a number of dangerous situations which could potentially turn deadly. Weight loss, wounds, falls, dehydration, etc. When it coms to dehydration, one may not be able to identify it until it’s too […]

COMAR study guides

The Maryland State Standard exam which tests your knowledge of COMAR is quite demanding. While the AIT is completing the AIT rotations, completing the AIT course, studying for the Federal exam, etc, one has to study COMAR. THERE IS A LOT OF MEMORIZING TO DO. Lots of bits of data, lots of temperatures, definitions, times, […]

Surviving the AIT program

The AIT program is an arduous one. It’s a long year of learning, studying and experiencing new things which will enrich your knowledge and better prepare you to be a competent Administrator. Rule #1: HAVE FUN Rule #2: ASK QUESTIONS Rule #3: APPRECIATE THE STAFF WHO IS HELPING YOU THROUGHOUT THE PROGRAM One of the […]